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  • Dipartimento di Scienze Agrarie, Forestali e Alimentari (DISAFA)
    ULF Meccanica agraria - Stanza T99
    Largo Paolo Braccini, 2 (già Via Leonardo da Vinci, 44)
    10095 GRUGLIASCO (TO)
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Curriculum vitae

Pubblicazioni selezionate

Busato, Patrizia, Sopegno, Alessandro, Berruto, Remigio, Bochtis, Dionysis, Calvo, Angela (2017)
A Web-Based Tool for Energy Balance Estimation in Multiple-Crops Production Systems.

Sopegno, Alessandro, Rodias, Efthymios, Bochtis, Dionysis, Busato, Patrizia, Berruto, Remigio, Boero, Valter, Sørensen, Claus (2016)
Model for energy analysis of Miscanthus production and transportation.

Busato, Patrizia, Berruto, Remigio (2016)
Minimising manpower in rice harvesting and transportation operations.

Pavlou, D , Orfanou, A , Busato, P , Berruto, R , Sørensen, C , Bochtis, D (2016)
Functional modeling for green biomass supply chains.

Sopegno, Alessandro, Busato, Patrizia, Berruto, Remigio, Romanelli, Thiago Libório (2016)
A cost prediction model for machine operation in multi-field production systems.

Busato, P , Berruto, R , Zazueta, Fedro S, Silva-Lugo, J (2016)
Student performance in conventional and flipped classroom learning environments.

Sopegno, Alessandro, Calvo, Angela, Berruto, Remigio, Busato, Patrizia, Bochtis, Dionysis (2016)
A web mobile application for agricultural machinery cost analysis.

Berruto, Remigio, Boero, Valter, Busato, Patrizia, Calvo, Angela, Sopegno, Alessandro, Venudo, Lorenzo, Rossi, Daniele, Gomez, Paz, Ruiz, Begoña, Kachniarz, Ma?gorzata (2015)
Biogas3: Sustainable and Economical Production of Biogas from Food Waste of European Agrifood Industry.

D Bochtis, H W Griepentrog, S Vougioukas, P Busato, R Berruto, K Zhou (2015)
Route planning for orchard operations.

Berruto, Remigio, Busato, Patrizia, Sopegno, Alessandro, Venudo, Lorenzo, Rossi, Daniele, (2015)
Biogas3 Handbook: a tool to promote sustainable production of renewable energy from small-scale biogas plants for pursuing self-sufficiency.

Patrizia Busato, Remigio Berruto (2014)
A web-based tool for biomass production systems.

Bochtis D D , Sorensen C G , Green O , Hameed I A , Berruto R (2014)
Design of a Wildlife Avoidance Planning System for Autonomous Harvesting Operations.

D Bochtis, C Sørensen, R Berruto (2014)
Special issue: Agrifood and biomass supply chains.

Panagiotis A Ntogkoulis, Dionysis D Bochtis, Spyros Fountas, Remigio Berruto, Theofanis A Gemtos (2014)
Performance of cotton residue collection machinery.

P Busato, A Sopegno, R Berruto, R Cornelissen (2014)
An on-line advisor for sizing and economic analysis of anaerobic digestion plants.

Patrizia Busato, Alessandro Sopegno, Remigio Berruto (2013)
Il software per calcolare i costi di un impianto a biogas.

Remigio Berruto, Patrizia Busato, Dionysis D Bochtis, Claus G Sørensen (2013)
Comparison of distribution systems for biogas plant residual.

A Orfanou, P Busato, D D Bochtis, G Edwards, D Pavlou, C G Sørensen, R Berruto (2013)
Scheduling for machinery fleets in biomass multiple-field operations.

D D Bochtis, P Dogoulis, P Busato, C G Sørensen, R Berruto, T Gemtos (2013)
A flow-shop problem formulation of biomass handling operations scheduling.

Dionysis D Bochtis, Claus G Sørensen, Patrizia Busato, Remigio Berruto (2013)
Benefits from optimal route planning based on B-patterns.

A Bakhtiari, H Navid, J Mehri, R Berruto, D D Bochtis (2013)
Operations planning for agricultural harvesters using ant colony optimization.

Patrizia Busato, Claus G Sørensen, Dimitris Pavlou, Dionysis D Bochtis, Remigio Berruto, Anna Orfanou (2013)
DSS tool for the implementation and operation of an umbilical system applying organic fertiliser.

Berruto, R, Busato, P (2012)
Expert system with cloud database for optimal management of Fruit and Vegetable traceability.

R Berruto, P Busato, D Bochtis (2012)
The bioenergy farm project: Web applications for the assessment of biomass production and logistics.

P Busato, R Berruto, L Cardoso, R Bartosik (2011)
Logistics and Economics of Grain Harvest and Transport Systems with the Use of Silo-Bag.

R Berruto, P Busato, D D La Torre, R Bartosik (2011)
Logistics and Economics of Rice Harvest and Post-Harvest Operations with the Use of Low Temperature In-Bin Drying System.

J Fuentes-Pila, K Zokaei, R Berruto, P Busato (2011)
Green-lean supply chains for improving sustainability, human development and competitiveness in Latin-American global food chains.

P Busato, R Berruto (2011)
Bioenergy farm project: economic and energy analysis of biomass by web applications.

R Berruto, P Busato, D Bochtis (2011)
Biogas Slurry Logistics Assessment: Tanker vs. Umbilical System.

R Berruto, P Busato, K Zokaei, J Fuentes-Pila (2011)
Green lean approach for improving sustainability and economic performance of vegetable supply-chain: the ZEROEMISSION case.

P Busato, R Berruto, R Cornelissen (2011)
Bioenergy Farm Project: Economic and Energy Analysis of Biomass by Web Application.

Berruto R , Busato P (2010)
Evaluation of Crop System Considering Both Economic and Energy Aspects with Web Application: The Use of Slurry Digestate as a Fertilizer Vs. the Traditional Mineral Fertilization.

Berruto R , Busato P , Froeba N , Funk M (2010)
Combination of simulation and web tools for immediate result transfer to the user: the case of biomass harvest.

Logistics and post-harvest handling of locally grown produce.

Corsi di insegnamento

Temi di ricerca

Consiglio di Facoltà, CCL Agraria, CCL Alimentari

Logistica della distribuzione lungo la supply-chain di prodotti ortofrutticoli

Logistica della biomassa e reflui zootecnici

Produzione di energia rinnovabile a partire da biomassa agricola

Uso razionale dell'acqua e dell'energia, Life Cycle Assessment

ICT apps e web mobile, web DSS


Intelligent energy EU projects:

  • BioenergyFarm - plan for farm renewable energy (Partner)
  • BioenergyFarm II - Manure, the sustainable fuel for the farm 
  • Biogas3 - Sustainable Small-Ccale biogas production from agro-food waste for energy Self-sufficiency  


  •  DIGESMART - Digestate from Manure Recycling Technologies

 Erasmus+ projects:

  • European Foodbusiness Transfer Laboratory for stimulating entrepreneurial skills, for foresting innovation and for business creation in the Food Sector (FOODLAB) (Partner) (2015-2019)
  • FOOD4GROWTH (F 4G) (Partner) (2015-2018)
  • PLANET - PLan for Agriculture reNewable Energy Training (Coodinatore) (2018-2020)


POR FESR Poli di Innovazione


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