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Logo F3 DiSAFA - Field-Forest-Food: la ricerca al DiSAFAField- Forest - Food

Research of the Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences of the University of Turin

The Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences is a research headquarters for primary production and the processing from plants and animals. It is also focused on the effect that these processes have on the land and the atmosphere.

Taking into consideration both economic and environmental aspects, the Department employs a biotechnological approach in order to study agricultural and forest ecosystems and agroindustry supply chains from a biological, ecologic, technological, production, engineering and management perspective. The multidisciplinary approach of the department not only offers an insight into the complexity of production and cultivation processes but also one that at the same time helps to enrich the prospects of each individual discipline.

For more information, send an email to: f3.disafa@unito.it


  Difesa forestale Ecologia del paesaggio - Gestione del territorio Economia agraria, forestale e alimentare Fisiologia e genetica delle colture Genetica, nutrizione e produzione degli animali allevati Ingegneria agraria, forestale e alimentare - Bioenergie Microbiologia alimentare Post-raccolta, conservazione e packaging Produzione e difesa delle colture Scienza dei suoli agrari, forestali e urbani Selvicoltura - Tecnologia del legno Tecnologia alimentare Viticoltura e Enologia

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