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MOSAIC - Managing prOtective foreSt fAcIng clImate Change compound events

Programma di ricerca
INTERREG - Alpine Space
251.996,80 €
01/11/2022 - 31/10/2025
Raffaella Marzano
Matteo Garbarino

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Financial support

European Union financial support is: 2.710.832,00 €


The project MOSAIC - Managing prOtective foreSt fAcIng clImate Change compound events, funded under the Interreg program - Alpine Space 2021 – 2027, administravely started the 1st of November 2022 and its kick-off meeting has been held in Innsbruck (19th-20th January 2023).


Climate change (CC) is undeniably responsible for the increase in climate-related disasters affecting Alpine communities. These phenomena are often the result of compound events, a combination of multiple climate-related hazards that contribute to socio-ecological risks. One of the key drivers of the increased vulnerability are changes in forest ecosystems.

Forests provide essential ecosystem services that support human well-being and play a critical role in the mitigation of CC, but their health and stability are also threatened by CC.


The main goal of the project MOSAIC is to support the Alpine Space program objective: Promoting climate change adaptation and disaster risk prevention, resilience, taking into account eco-system based approaches.

Therefore, MOSAIC focuses on hazard-resilient and sustainable protective forest management coping with climate changes’ multiple dimensions, which is essential for managing climate-related risks. In order to support regional and Alpine climate action plans, the project aims to collect, harmonize and share data, models on Alpine climate-related disasters and trends. The project partners strive to raise awareness among foresters, risk managers, decision makers and the public through an Alpine network of forest living labs.

For fulfilling its objectives, MOSAIC is structured in 3 distinct work packages:

1.DOJO: Data mining and prOJection of climate change effects on the Alpine Space fOrests

2.NAZCA: NaturAl haZards modelling platform for analysing climate change Compound events on AS protective forests

3.FORCE: Forest labs fOr Raising awareness on resilienCe of protectivE forest coping with climate change adaptation

MOSAIC will provide:

1. Comprehensive stocktaking and assessment of spatially explicit past and projected climate (2050-2100 according to IPCC scenarios) and climate-related disaster data for the AS, made accessible via a webGIS atlas.

2. A platform offering natural hazard and risk models upgraded for integrating the consequences of climate change on AS forests and on their ability to efficiently protect against natural hazards.

3. Provision of data, experience and knowledge to support the definition of a Joint Alpine scheme for implementing an integrated and adaptive management of Alpine forests with protective functions that are coping with climate change impacts.

Partner di progetto:

  • AT BFW, Federal Research and Training Centre for Forests, Natural Hazards and Landscape, Department of Natural Hazards
  • AT IIASA, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, AFE/BNR
  • CH HAFL, Bern University of Applied Sciences
  • CH CERC, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research
  • DE UGOE, University of Göttingen
  • IT DISAFA, University of Torino
  • IT TESAF, University of Padova
  • IT DPC/SPL, Veneto Region, Civil Protection, Safety and Local Police Department
  • FR ONF, Forests National Office
  • SI SFS, Slovenia Forest Service
  • SI UL, University of Ljubljana


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