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NBSoil - Nature Based Solutions for Soil Management

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01/12/2022 - 30/11/2026
Elio Padoan

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NBSOIL (Nature Based Solutions for Soil Management) is a four-year project coordinated by the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation (PL). Its overall objective is to design an attractive blended learning programme to enable soil advisors to implement a holistic vision of soil health through Nature Based Solutions (NBS) and collaborate effectively across different temporal and spatial scales.NBSOIL will focus on 6 multifunctional NBS categories to develop a holistic approach to land management and soil health fully in line with the IUCN Global Standard for NBS (IUCN, 2020): organic fertilisers from locally available biowastes, cover crops, paludiculture, forest diversification, bioremediation, and blue - green infrastructure in urban and periurban areas. NBSOIL builds on previous research results and available Open Source technology to deliver the following NBSOIL thematic packs: Knowledge base, Academy, Soil Health assessment, monitoring and mapping resources, Policy Navigator, and Marketplace. Approximately 300 participants from 8 countries (PL, AT, CH, UK, FR, NL, IT, ES) are expected to complete the full 2 years training offered in 6 languages (English, Polish, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish). The 2 years training programme will provide an immersive, interactive, flexible learning experience, through an introductory Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) followed by four advanced modules on 1. Soil and NBS, 2. Living Labs facilitation, 3. Digital tools for Soil Health monitoring and 4.Improving soil related decision making in business and policy, and a Final Project. The NBSOIL consortium will deliver Impact and contribute decisively to achieve the Soil Health Mission by mainstreaming NBS knowledge and advice for soil management, providing Soil Health Living Labs facilitators, making soil monitoring and mapping tech user friendly and inclusive and embedding soil care across all land management and land related decision making processes.

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